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Joined: 04/19/2019
Location: United States
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Posted: 06/04/2019 at 9:28am | IP Logged Quote GrimmPickins

Howdy Dundjinnites,

I've been lurking here since... well... since I knew about this software (which dates back to my eMac in 2005 or so). I don't think I ever posted, but I've certainly used your creations in my home games (a huge thank you to all of you!) - but it's been awhile.

Around 2009, I upgraded my home computer to an iMac - and things were still great, for awhile. Once I passed OS 10.5.8, and ESPECIALLY when I got beyond Lion - the software turned into a brick on my hard drive. Java started creating problems before this, as a number of posts can attest to. With my newest Mac, I didn't even install Dundjinni - knowing it wouldn't do anything but sit there.

Being a Mac user, RPG utilities are a rare commodity - especially if there is a focus on older games (pre-3e D&D). I've used the online mapping programs, I've wineskinned, I've used emulation and even a PC laptop. Nothing really made my gears turn like they did around 2008 (ok, I like Hex Kit - but that's a whole different ballgame). My home games started using projectors because it helped with focus and not having to redraw erasable maps every 4 minutes. I didn't really want to Gimp from scratch, I was tired of using maps from other folks...

What did I do? I decided that I needed to regress (and stop spending hours on the main family machine) - I bought an old Mac. I wanted a separate writing machine, and I had the capabilities I needed years and years ago. I'm running a Power Mac G4 system, running both 10.4.11 and 10.5.8, but I hit a wall that I remembered haunting me a long time ago.

The memory settings do SOMETHING - but watching the Activity Monitor tells me that it still is refusing to use more than 500M of RAM, putting it's eggs into the virtual memory department (this ancient beast has 2 gigs of physical RAM, LOL). I've tried all of the different memory lines into the plist - and they all basically work the same. To get it to even use 500M, I raised the cap and minimum to the same - 2048M. The other gig of RAM in the machine basically sits idle. I thought that Java being at 6 (maximum for 10.5.8) was causing the problem, so I dropped into Tiger (10.4.11), but the problem persists. If I force Java to use 1.4.2 or whatnot, the program won't even boot (I'm using the latest update of Dundjinni).

I realize that this is a weird request - but I honestly chose to run this old Mirror Drive system because I wanted Dundjinni back as part of my RPG system. Scrivener makes a fine database, and version 2.5 is supported. And, yes, Dundjinni works as well (or better) than it did for me back in the day - but I know it can run better. Do I need to tweak Java somewhere?

I still believe in Dundjinni, and I hope, someday, it will return. Until then...

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Joined: 04/19/2019
Location: United States
Posts: 2
Posted: 08/11/2019 at 7:42pm | IP Logged Quote GrimmPickins

So, obviously, this is way outside the realm here, and I expected that. I will STILL use Dundjinni to do whatever it is I'm doing, LOL, and here's what I've basically come to:

1) Dundjinni prefers 10.4.11 to 10.5.8 - I seem to get better results and CPU usage on the lower system - occasionally breaking 500 megabytes of memory used.

2) SSD Drive - Load time is eliminated in accessing assets, there is still a lag but this had a major effect.

3) As old monitors are cheap, I've arranged a two monitor system so I can key the rooms elsewhere. Since the program refuses to chomp up my memory allotment - I can easily run a word processor at the same time.

4) Better graphics card - seems to help with the processing of drawing execution. I'm still running a tame card for this machine (keeping OS 9 maximum if need be elsewhere - a GeForce4 Ti4600 for those keeping track).

5) I'm considering using a scratch drive for writing files, but the SSD has seriously changed the load/save game immensely.

I may still do my 'mixdown' on my 2015 iMac, but the top of the line 2003 G4 with some modern tweaks (USB 2.0; SSD) does OK.

Wish I could tap that other 1.5GB of RAM, but - with patience - this software STILL does the job admirably.

Good luck, and I should have some stuff upcoming once I'm doing running my Halloween haunted house! :)

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Dundjinni Master (Admin)
Dundjinni Master (Admin)

Joined: 06/19/2007
Location: United States
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Posted: 08/12/2019 at 7:43pm | IP Logged Quote Bogie

I know nothing about Macs, but because the software was originally written for XP and then re-written for Vista it can only access a limited amount of RAM regardless of what is installed in the computer. perhaps it is different in the Mac version, but there are not many people around anymore who would know. Hopefully someone can answer that for you but.....

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Joined: 09/28/2005
Location: Argentina
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Posted: 08/13/2019 at 3:30am | IP Logged Quote heruca

As a 32-bit app, DJ will always be limited to using 3 or 4 GB RAM
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